Black Political

Empowering communities to action; accepting the challenge to change negative conditions and improving communities.

The Black Political Caucus believes that in order to help to effect change in communities and for people, we must make a concerted effort to be mindful of what the issues and concerns are for people and communities. To this end, we are committed to identifying issues—both internal and external that impact the community and its citizens, among them a quality education for all children, affordable health care; access to healthful food; a healthy environment; justice and safety. Our goal is to partner with community members to assist them with voicing their needs for a better quality of life within their communities. To achieve this goal, we are committed to assisting community members with access to information, connecting community members to individuals and organizations able to speak to and assist with resolution of issues negatively impacting communities, whether the issues come from within or without the community, Further, through this partnership we will assist community members in holding accountable individuals and organizations who are charged with providing services or access to services to citizens.

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