Helping our communities understand the issues that impact them —encouraging (enabling) progress through learning.


Influencing and supporting policy decisions that impact
economic, education, political and social issues in communities


Transforming communities using our collective vote, electing the right candidates, influencing policy and educating the citizenry.


Empowering communities to action; accepting the challenge to change negative conditions and improving communities.

The Black Political Caucus was founded at a time
when no African-Americans held political office in Mecklenburg County


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BPC 2019-2020 Calendar

Care About people to help Transform
their lives.

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Black Political Caucus

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General Election Day


The void has to be filled. Any people who do not develop new leaders will stalemate and die out.

Bob Davis - Former Chairman, Black Political Caucus

I have a deep passion for empowerment within the African American community and this was an opportunity that presented itself for me to, if the opportunity presented itself …be a part of that legacy of continuing to open access and opportunity for people in the African American community as a part of the greater community’s growth.

Arthur Griffin, Former Chairman - Black Political Caucus